When we think about love, there are so many different definitions of LOVE that people can easily become confused. Love has been so misdefined that many people are uncertain as to what love really looks like. We live in a generation of people who do not quite know how to receive love or give love. Yet, love is something we all need and desire. It is important that we not only get the proper definition of love, but we learn how to love others and build successful loving relationships.

The book, Love & Verses, uses the scripture to help individuals and couples gain an understanding about the way in which God intended people to love each other and how love works. This book expounds upon key verses of scripture that show us when people love right and when people love wrong. We also explore verses from familiar R&B songs and various love songs that the reader can relate to. This book will make you think, laugh, and learn all about LOVE!

Love & Verses